Ground spices are a perfect way to save time in this hectic pace of life. Moreover, they also exude practicality to the home cooks. Our grounded spices have a high oil content which renders them a heavenly taste and when added into food, it enhances their tastes also. Grounded spices since long have been revered as one of the most vital catalysts to make a particular dish delicious in India. Interestingly, their value still remains the same. At Shan-e-Delhi, you would find a variety of ground spices which would go a long way in making your food tasty.

Our exclusive collection of grounded spices include turmeric powder, chili powder, crushed chili powder, cumin powder, nigella seed powder, fennel powder and much more. What makes Shan-e-Delhi unique is that we have separate ground spices for specific dishes. For instance, if you want to cook chicken masala, we have roasted chicken masala to satiate this need. On the other hand, if you want to cook delicious Heeng Kachoris, you can easily cook it with our ground heeng masala.

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  • Kashmiri Mirch

    Kashmiri Mirch

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  • Pili Mirch Powder

    Pili Mirch Powder

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  • Pisa Garam Masala

    Pisa Garam Masala

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  • Amchoor Powder

    Amchoor Powder

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  • Lal Mirch Kuti

    Lal Mirch Kuti

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  • Haldi Powder

    Haldi Powder

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  • Zeera (Sabut)

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  • Dhania Powder

    Pisa Dhania Powder

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  • Lal Mirch (Pisi)

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  • Kachri (Pisi)

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  • Saunf (Sabut)

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  • Rai (Sabut)

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  • Ajwaian (Sabut)

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  • Kasoori Methi

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  • Kuta Dhaniya

    Kuta Dhaniya

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  • Jeera Powder

    Jeera Powder

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