Ground spices are a perfect way to save time in this hectic pace of life. Moreover, they also exude practicality to the home cooks. Our grounded spices have a high oil content which renders them a heavenly taste and when added into food, it enhances their tastes also. Grounded spices since long have been revered as one of the most vital catalysts to make a particular dish delicious in India. Interestingly, their value still remains the same. At Shan-e-Delhi, you would find a variety of ground spices which would go a long way in making your food tasty.

Our exclusive collection of grounded spices include turmeric powder, chili powder, crushed chili powder, cumin powder, nigella seed powder, fennel powder and much more. What makes Shan-e-Delhi unique is that we have separate ground spices for specific dishes. For instance, if you want to cook chicken masala, we have roasted chicken masala to satiate this need. On the other hand, if you want to cook delicious Heeng Kachoris, you can easily cook it with our ground heeng masala.

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  • Kashmiri Mirch

    Kashmiri Mirch


    Rendering that much needed spicy touch to a food item has become easier with this exotic Indian spice. Add it to a cuisine of your choice and make it more delicious and delightful to devour.

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  • Pisa Garam Masala

    Pisa Garam Masala


    Garam Masala is one spice that you see omnipresent in every Indian kitchen as it is usually the base of many Indian dishes. The garam masala that you get from Shan-e-Delhi is a wonderful blend of choicest spices like cumin, cardamom, coriander,cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper.

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  • Pili Mirch Powder

    Pili Mirch Powder


    The yellow chilies are brought in especially from the South Kashmir and Punjab regions of the India to prepare the inimitable Pili Mirch powder.

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  • Amchoor Powder

    Amchoor Powder


    Amchoor or dried mango powder is widely used in many of the Indian recipes. Just a sprinkling of this sweet and tangy powder from Shan-e-Delhi is enough to add that extra zing of taste to your recipes.

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  • Haldi Powder

    Haldi Powder


    Haldi Powder is unarguably one of the integral spices in every Indian cuisine. Since a long period of time, turmeric or Haldi has been revered as one of the most functional herbs in Indian Ayurveda.

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  • Lal Mirch Kuti

    Lal Mirch Kuti


    When it comes to make a normal Indian cuisine delicious and delightful to taste, the Lal Mirch Kuti plays an integral role in it.

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  • Dhania Powder

    Pisa Dhania Powder


    Grounded Dry Coriander or Pisa Dhania is one of the most important spices added to an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of the country.

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  • Lal Mirch (Pisi)

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  • Zeera (Sabut)


    Make your dishes irresistible with the use of Shan-e-Delhi’s Geera Powder. Add it as a tadka to your dal or as a finishing touch to your meat stews. The taste and aroma that you will get from this powder is certainly unmatched. We keep a strict eye out on the quality that we serve you and nothing but the best variety of Geera is used to make this spice. The moisture-proof packaging keeps it fresh and retains the taste.

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  • Kuta Dhaniya

    Kuta Dhaniya


    Grounded Dry Coriander or Kuta Dhania is one of the most important spices added to an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of the country.

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  • Kachri (Pisi)


    Popularly used as a meat tenderizer, it also adds that tangy taste to your kebabs (traditional sheesh kebab recipe has kachri powder). A rich source of protein, can be cooked in everyday dishes like vegetables. Can go into your chuntneys to enhance the tangy taste. Packed with antioxidants it boosts your immunity and acts as  cooling agent too.

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  • Saunf (Sabut)


    Consumption of fennel seeds or saunf  post food as a refreshment is not unknown in india. However these seeds are not just for refreshing your breath, they are indispensible for their culinary and medicinal useage. Feenel seeds are rich in vitamin(C, E,K, ), calcium, zinc, potassium, iron, magnesium to name a few. It also serves as an antioxidant. It helps in digestion, is a natural coolant, promotes lactation, helps regulate blood pressure, improves skin, weight loss and the list goes on.

    It is also used in various dishes from biryani to curries, tomato rice or just pairing it with munnaka brings you the best summer coolant!

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  • Rai (Sabut)


    Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, and magnesium. Rai or sarso (mustard seeds) are used for tempering the dishes, both vegetarian and non vegetarian. it is typically combined with green chilies and curry leaves in a tadka or added with ghee at the start of a curry or dry veg/nonveg preparation. Adds a distinct flavour and fragrance to the dish.

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  • Ajwaian (Sabut)


    Also known as carom seeds or bishop’s weed without which a dal tadka is incomplete, the seeds have a bitter , pungent flavor Ajawain seeds are also added to the flour to increase the flavor and the aroma while it helps in digestion in poori, bedmi , mathdi and so on. it is used as a seasoning for potato curries or for tempering for dals, pakodas and samosas. . Ajwain Not only adds flavor but is also very healthy. Takes care of your digestive health and helps increase the apetite for those who are suffering from loss of apetite.It is known to treat common cold and cough, ear and tooth ache, greying of hair , its benefits are endless.

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  • Kasoori Methi


    Dried fenugreek leaves that are used widely in Indian cooking are popular for their bitter yet addictively aromatic flavor.  It adds  a unique taste and flavor to the dish. Packed with numerous health benefits it is used in curries, vegetables and paranthas. Shan-E-Delhi Kasuri methi is available in the form of dry leaves as well as seeds. 

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  • Jeera Powder

    Jeera Powder


    Make your dishes irresistible with the use of Shan-e-Delhi’s Jeera / Zeera Powder. Add it as a tadka to your dal or as a finishing touch to your meat stews.

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